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Rich Fulcher – Actor/Comedian (The Mighty Boosh)

As wonderfully off-the-wall as you would hope, Rich Fulcher talks The Mighty Boosh, working with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm and Jim Carrey on Kidding, early improv days, stand up, being a judge for Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in Marriage Story, Snuff Box and voiceover characters for Rick and Morty and Disenchartment.


Clarisse Loughrey – Film Critic (The Independent/Kermode & Mayo)

Chief Film Critic at the Independent and substitute for Mark Kermode on his BBC podcast with Simon Mayo, Clarisse knows her movies. She talks about how she got into the industry, how she got the Kermode job and behind-the-scenes on recording day, her view on the pandemic’s effect on cinema and her love for Star Wars, Nicolas Windig Refn and Taika Waititi.


Chris Hewitt – Film Critic (Empire Magazine)

Since 2001, Chris Hewitt has written for arguably the world’s best-known movie mag, Empire. He talks about his journey from a small Irish town to the London office of the great mag via a very ‘ambitious’ job application. Since then he has hosted their celeb-drenched award show and, since 2011, their podcast, as well as been critic on Lauren Laverne’s BBC6 Music show and various TV appearances such as Film 2017. He talks about these, Evil Dead 2, film set visits and his love for R.E.M.


Billy Sneddon – Film/TV Editor (Stan & Ollie, Veep, Four Lions, Ghost Stories)

Armando Iannucci and Chris Morris are two of the biggest names in biting, scathing, bring-your-brain-to-this comedy, and Billy is the main responsible for editing a huge chunk of their output including The Thick of It, I’m Alan Partridge, Veep, Four Lions, Brass Eye and The Day Shall Come. AND, he’s the main who stitched together the stupendous Stan and Ollie and the blood-chilling Ghost Stories. He talks about how he got there from a career start as an in-debt dispatch rider and a chance meeting in a pub.


The Winter Minisode – Another bit of a Best Of

How do you become a costume illustrator? How do you film Tom Cruise on the side of a plane? How do you create the Vader corridor sequence? How do you make Olivia Coleman look like a badger? How do you create an alien called Paul? How do you co-manage the creature/ droid department on the Star Wars trilogy? Why would you replace George Clooney’s eyes for your own in a blockbuster movie?  What does a sock full of vegetables have to do with a xenomorph alien? You guessed it, all answers lie within this episode.