Kevin Daniel Dawson

London-based freelance video and image creative
Ten years industry experience in broadcast and advertising



Hugh Worskett – Music Producer (Michael Kiwanuka, Crystal Fighters, Rae Morris)

How does someone intent on being a producer actually become one? And what is the role of a producer or does it cover many facets of the recording process? Hugh details how he works with artists such as Rae Morris, Jamie N Commons, Crystal Fighters, Michael Kiwanuka and Will Joseph Cook to get the best version of a song out into the world. From arranging the song to sending them home when the performance isn‘t there, Hugh reveals how he runs his studio as a freelance music producer.


Paul Webster – Producer (Eastern Promises, Atonement, Locke)

Atonement, Eastern Promises, Sexy Beast, Locke, Evil Dead, Drop Dead Fred, Pride & Prejudice – these films don’t make themselves you know, and producer Paul Webster chats to host Kevin Dawson about exactly how a lot of these made it to the screen. Other than producing, his career has seen him work as an executive in the ‘brutal’ conditions under Harvey Weinstein at Miramax in the States, as well as important, game-changing roles at Film Four and Working Title Films (including his collaborations with director Joe Wright). He also talks about the maverick techniques used to get Tom Hardy film Locke made.


John Collins – Producer of The Specials’ Ghost Town

The Specials’ Ghost Town producer John Collins talks about how the job came his way, and the process he used to get the bleak, classic sound of the number hit. He also talks about John Peel’s role in John becoming the band’s producer, how the rise of social violence at the time affected sales, and how the changes in the industry stopped him from producing more hits for others artists.