Kevin Daniel Dawson

London-based freelance video and image creative
Ten years industry experience in broadcast and advertising

Digital Product Placement (artwork)

Some examples of brand placements I embedded as part of ongoing televised campaigns for in-video advertising agency Mirriad. Starting with the original, empty frame, the branding was embedded, graded and lit to match the scene before being video tracked into the show.

Hann All

Neigh All Taxi

Neigh All Bag

The Firm

On top of televised work at Mirriad, we would, in conjunction with the record labels, pitch brand advertising within an artist’s video. This covered a huge range of products and advertising styles, including drinks bottles, bathroom products, magazine covers, ads on TV/laptop screens and billboards. Here are two examples, one bottle product, which I shot at Mirriad, and one of signage.

LaRoux 1080 B